Sunday, January 27, 2008

Anagram I Am

Okay, so maybe anagrams are a little "old school" compared with some of the more exciting time wasters to be found on the internet. But I think they can be a little revealing as well. Today, I rearranged the letters in "Ron Daniel" and found enough combinations to warrant a top ten list. Feel free to do the same for yourself and post them in the comments. (Or email them to me, if they're personal or embarassing.)

1) "RAD Online" - This could be a commentary on my cool internet presence, or simply say that I'm on the web too much. (RAD happens to be my initials.)

2) "Alone Rind" - I think this is a great way to describe me when I'm having a pity party about 99% of the people from my life less than two years ago completely abandoning me. I'm like an orange peel thrown in the trash.

3) "Din Loaner" - A great description of my job selling loud PA equipment, some of which mysteriously gets returned right after the customer's big show.

4) "A Rod Linen" - Just reminds me that every time Lindsey comes over, she tells me I need to buy curtains. Most of my windows are bare.

5) "Noel I Darn" - Most people know that I don't like Christmas very much, for a lot of reasons.

6) "Liar No End" - After I left the ministry, some people delighted in trashing my character, portraying me as devoid of any truthfulness.

7) "An ID Loaner" - This doesn't really mean anything. But it helps fill up the list.

8) "Ran Deli? No." - Proof that I've never owned a restaurant.

9) "Ron Denial" - Until this very moment, I never realized you can swap the first and last vowels of "Daniel" to form "denial." And this also reminded me that my first stage name was "Ronny Devious".

10) "Road Linen" - You know how moms are supposed to say "Always wear clean underwear in case you're in a car accident"? Mine never did. Fortunately, so far no paramedic has ever seen my unmentionables.

More Hawk Photos

Bejeweled Mystery

Here's a picture I snapped last night. Not Photoshopped (other than crop and resize). Any guesses as to its identification?

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Charge It

In spite of the loss, still proud to be a San Diego native. I just hope New York kicks the Patriots' butts on Feb. 3rd.