Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Good News Day

I'm a big fan of good news, especially when it's MINE. :)

The dentist tells me that the score is still Ron: 32, Cavities: 0.

(In the interest of fair play, I should clarify that I technically have 28 teeth, but the wisdom teeth that were yanked 20 years ago remain cavity-free to this day.)

Today's mail brought two forms of good news as well. After dealing with the mistake of a nasty "you owe us $49" letter from my apartment complex, today I received a refund check for $151.

Plus, I finally got notification that the issue with my homeowner's insurance policy (which should have been cancelled a year ago but wasn't) is finally resolved.

And just now for the second time (coincidentally, both times when I was blogging), a hawk showed up in my backyard. I was unfortunately too slow to catch a photo, but I'm still counting it as a good thing. That's four so far, and the day's not even half over. This is a good trend. I hope it continues.