Saturday, September 09, 2006

Still Here...

Oh my... I have a bad mood and too many people freak out!

Okay, people: I'm not suicidal or anything! Sheesh! I was just trying to say that I didn't feel like talking on the phone and pretending to sound cheery when I'm not. Yes, I do appreciate the caring, and no, I'm not returning phone calls and emails for awhile.

But for those who need a fix, here's my update:

Right now I'm out and about (still don't have internet at home), and need to buy clothes for work. I even thought ahead and took these photos an hour ago...

This is my apartment building (I'm on the lower right of the six). Each building has three of these sets of six, and there are lots of buildings. This is the view from my desk...

Each of the buildings also has park-like amenities on either side. Here are two pics of the one to the left of my building:

Dakota is free to use these as long as he's on the leash. (And of course, I gotta pick up after him ick!)

There's also a pool, hot tub, and a fitness room in the community area. Suprisingly, there's a free 24-hour restaurant, unlimited free tanning, and complimentary daily massages! Okay, that whole last sentence was a complete lie - but at least I don't have to pay for water and trash!

Annnnywayssss.... I'm still alive. There are certainly worse things in life than loneliness. I am looking forward to church tomorrow, and hoping for human interaction. And of course, work will be a flurry of learning new stuff and meeting new people.

So... no more worrying!