Friday, August 25, 2006

Idiots And Locusts

I'm really tired of censoring my blog down to "what I'm doing today" kind of stuff. Originally, this was a place for me to say what was going on in my mind. But some people got their undies in a bunch and accused me of trying to "take back the stage" and other nonsense.

I no longer care. This blog isn't for idiots like that. It's for me and those who are my friends, near and far. Yes, I said "idiots." How very freeing to say! Morons. Oxygen-wasters. Lying, gossiping cockroaches. One week from today at this time, I'll be driving across Nebraska, with Cheyenne in my rear-view mirror. And I have every intention of shaking the dust from my feet as a sign against the idiots.

In the meantime, I continue to press on.

I got an awesome note of encouragement from someone this morning, reminding me of God's promise: "I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten." - Joel 2:25

That is exactly what I needed today. I've been feeling lately like a lot of the last 16 years was a total waste of time. What I built in Cheyenne has become just one of many. The reputation I earned was destroyed in a matter of weeks. The equity I gathered went into someone else's bank account. Some of the people I led to Christ - and many of those I loved on for years - turned on me like cannibalistic animals.

And now, I am 39 years old, starting over in a new state where I know nobody, having almost nothing. Pretty much right back where I was 16 years ago, before making the biggest mistake of my life. Can God restore 16 wasted years? I sure hope so. He says He can.