Saturday, September 02, 2006

Shh... Don't Tell

Hi, this is Dakota.

Today I got to go on a byebye that was the bye-bye to end all byebyes!

Usually, I just get taken to Lowe's, or to the Burger King drive-thru (where the girls give me bacon!). But today, I got to go on a 12-hour byebye that covered Wyoming, Nebraska, and Iowa!

Now that we're in Des Moines, I'm pretty beat, so I told my daddy and his sister to go to the restaurant without me. And now I'm up to no good, doing things like getting on the bed and surfing the web.

But I'm getting kinda sleepy...

PS: My daddy will write when he can, but I know he loves and misses a lot of you, because he did a lot of crying yesterday and today.