Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Two Cleanings

This morning, Dakota is going to the doggie dentist. He needs a cleaning, badly. Smelling his breath is reminiscent of working at a fishing wharf on a hot summer day. It's always scary though, 'cause they have to put him under general anesthesia to do it. The trade-off is that he'll be much more pleasant to be with in the U-Haul cab after this.

So he'll be gone for most of packing day, which will consist largely of piling my possessions into boxes for transport. Hopefully it won't be that much work, 'cause I don't really have a lot of possessions. I have even less after a great garage sale on Saturday. Not being a fan of price tags and haggling and making change, I just kept piling a ton of stuff on a table in the driveway and put big "FREE" signs up. It was awesome.

Then, Thursday is truck packing and house cleaning day. I expect the truck packing to take all of 45 minutes, even if there's just a few of us moving stuff. As for cleaning, I'm asking that if you've wanted (or volunteered) to help, this is a great (and your last) opportunity to do so. Just gather your cleaning supplies (mop & bucket, sponges, etc.) and give me a call (630-5951) to make sure we're here. Many hands make light work, after all.

How am I feeling about all this, you might wonder? It's getting harder by the hour. The encouragements and the insults both abound, with the insults wounding me more deeply than I've ever been cut. But the agony of playing peek-a-boo with my granddaughter last night for probably the last time easily overshadowed any of the other intense emotions I'm feeling.

Leaving behind someone that you love so completely has to be among the worst feelings to be had in this world.