Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Employed And Leaving

To all who are interested:

I found out this morning that I DID get a job!

That means I will be leaving Cheyenne early Friday morning, September 1st, and heading for Fort Wayne, Indiana.

In the meantime, I've got just 16 days to do all kinds of home improvement and sell lots of stuff, and give lots of other stuff away. I've got a plethora of shop tools, my motorcycle, and my weight set (see previous entry) to get rid of AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

The hardest thing to part with is my cat, Nutmeg. She's the queen of the house. Although she is very affectionate, she doesn't like to have too much attention paid to her - she will scratch young children who try to pet her too much. She's an indoor cat who loves to go outside several times a day to roam the neighborhood and kill birds or bunnies (she's tiny, but a scrapper). Here's her pic:

She does need a home right away, but I'm gonna be pretty picky about where she goes.

So, whether you want to help me or simply capitalize on my need to lighten the load, please give me a call (630-5951) or e-mail me.

Also, feel free to buy my house!