Sunday, August 20, 2006

Some More Random Thoughts

- Okay, I give in... I'll take the weights to Indiana. That should be good for the ol' U-Haul's gas mileage.

- It hit me at church this morning (don't ask me where I'm going, 'cause I ain't tellin') that I've got just one more Sunday in Cheyenne.

- The house is much lonelier without The Nut (Nutmeg). I keep thinking I see her out of the corner of my eye.

- I need to rent a dumpster. The trash pile on the side of the house is getting a bit extreme, and I haven't even started on the garage yet.

- Chips and salsa are no fun to eat alone.

- I found a button in the washing machine a few days ago, and today found its companion shirt. I'd like to reunite the two. I wonder if there are online tutorials for learning to sew?

- Even when I buy lowfat cottage cheese because it's good for me, I can't make myself eat it.

- Lots of people say they miss my teaching, but very few actually miss ME. It astounds me that I've spent 11 years here, yet have less than ten genuine friends. Since I have only myself to blame, I plan on investing in real relationships in this next season of my life.

- My new apartment complex has a stocked fishing pond with bluegill, bass, catfish, and turtles. What kind of bait do you use to catch turtles?

- I'm really gonna miss Cheyenne's summer afternoon thunderstorms and gorgeous cloud formations. Speaking of which, I gotta go roll up my windows!