Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Help Me - It's Free (or) Buy Stuff To Get Buff

Here's an update on the "I Have, I Need" thing: the countertop is still available.

Give me a call (630-5951) if you want it - it's free. If you have a truck, I'll help you move it.

The biggest thing I need is skilled labor help. There is still some home improvement to do before the house goes on the market, the clock is ticking, and at this point I'm doing it all by myself. So if you're able to hang drywall, I would welcome your help.

I've got to sell my motorcycle, too. It's a 1974 Honda 750. If you want pics or a test drive, give me a call. Price is very negotiable (Blue Book value is in the $800-$900 range).

I also have a very large weightlifting setup that hurts to part with, but I'd rather not move it. I'll sell it all for just $300 IF you disassemble and move it. This includes everything in the pictures: all the olympic weights, fully adjustable/tiltable utility bench with leg curl/extension and preacher bench, TSA-2000 smith machine with upper and lower pulleys and pec deck, tri-level dumbbell rack, olympic dumbbell handles, 11 pairs of dumbbells, olympic weight bar, olympic curl bar, 3 pulley grips including triceps rope, and a manta ray. Even the pads for your floor and the mirror for your wall!

Rarely does one find such a bargain, but I need this out of the house as soon as possible. If you don't need it, please mention it to your friends.