Monday, January 08, 2007

My life, MySpace

I stayed away from MySpace as long as possible, because I heard all the parental concern stories. But it's actually a very cool way to stay in touch with friends.

And for those of you who were friends with Dakota, my MySpace page is really going to be the only place to keep up on what's happening in his life. For example, today he went to.... um, no. You're just going to have to find that out for yourself.

Oh, and if you have (or get) a MySpace page too, then please feel free to be my friend. Believe me, it was really depressing at first, when it said "Ron has 0 friends."

I'm also pretty sure the blog is going to stay where it is for the long-term. No sense breakin' what don't need fixin'.

Also, for those of you who are praying people, please continue to pray for me. I'm not delirious anymore, but I'm still sick as a dog. (But not Dakota, he's REALLY happy. A different dog. One with swollen sinuses, burning eyes, and pain in his throat. THAT kind of dog.)