Sunday, January 07, 2007

Home Sweet Home

My friend Tammy lives up in Auburn, a little town about 20 minutes north of Fort Wayne. She owns a consulting business that designs and specifies construction finishes for schools and universities, so she's home a lot.

I really miss being my own boss and having that kind of flexibility. In the months before I moved from Cheyenne, running Creative Services Studio meant that I was home almost all the time, too.

And of course my Siberian Husky Dakota liked that schedule much better too. Although Dakota was lonely after losing his best friend Ginger, a beautiful Boxer, he found comfort in our frequent walks and trips to the dog park.

When planning for the move to Indiana, it was good to find an apartment that took big dogs like Dakota. Unfortunately, life hasn't been very satisfactory for him. He's home alone all day while I spend 12-14 hours at work, six days a week.

Tammy was saying the other day that her dog Bear has been lonely since his friend passed away, and mentioned that if I ever wanted to part with Dakota, she'd be happy to take him. She's got a house with a fenced yard and lives across from a park.

Well, a couple of days ago, I took the plunge. Dakota's living at his new place now, and happy as can be.

His new best friend is Bear, a golden-retriever/chow mix that he spends half the day outside with.

Of course, I'm going to miss his company and morning wake-up calls of Husky talk, but I'm so much happier knowing HE'S happier. He's quickly adjusted to his new home and family (with two teenage boys!), and has already captured everyone's hearts.

So, just a week into 2007, and changes are already coming. I can't wait to see what the coming months hold.