Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Ack! Too Many Acronyms!

Hi all...

Well, the votes are in, and for the most part, people by and large don't want to hear too much about Sample Rate and Bit Depth and other stuff like that.

So, what I think I'm going to do fairly soon will be to split my blog into two. One will be for my personal life and happenings, and the other will be for gear reviews and concepts dealing with recording, live sound, music, etc.

This will not happen before Friday, 'cause that's when my big test is. If you're the praying type, please pray for me. It's pass/fail, and I've got to get at least 80% to pass. Too many people have told me, "Oh, you're smart. You'll do fine." Rest assured, having a good head on my shoulders is not going to make a bit of difference with this content. Many of these things are brand new concepts to me, and there's a bazillion acronyms to learn. TDM, DTS, USB, AIFF, VST, LFE, DAW, SMPTE, RTAS, DAC, EBU, AES, GSIF, ASIO, AC3, LSB, S/PDIF, THX, and VITC to name a few. (Do you know what they are? Answers at bottom.)

Last night, I memorized a list of plug-ins, since I missed a couple questions on the last quiz about them. In addition to knowing what they do and how they work, I also have to know which ones are Native and which are TDM. Otherwise, it's like selling Mac software to a Windows user. Nobody's happy and you end up looking like an idiot.

Anyway, since you're probably not interested in that stuff, there's not much else to say. My cupboards were bare so I went grocery shopping last night. Dakota is healthy. I looked in the mirror this morning and realized I really need some sun. The weekend is supposed to be clear and in the 70's, so I think he and I will spend our days investigating some of the local parks. Who knows? If I don't pass, we might be living in one of them soon... ;)

Alrighty, folks... Be well. Do good work. And keep in touch. (If you got that reference, you are a very special person in my book.)

Time Division Multiplexing
Digital Theater System
Universal Serial Bus
Audio Interchance File Format
Virtual Studio Technology
Low Frequency Effects
Digital Audio Workstation
Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers
Real Time Audio Suite
Digital to Audio Converter
European Broadcast Union
Audio Engineering Society
GigaSampler Interface
Audio Stream Input/Output architecture
AC-3 (better known as Dolby Digital)
Least Significant Bit
Sony/Philips Digital Interface Format
THX (standards from Lucasfilm)
Vertical Interval Time Code