Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Sod Party

As many of you know, I have been (and continue to be) going through the absolute worst time of my life. Though it would be easier to simply stop breathing, the hard truth of life right now is that I have much to accomplish in a short period of time. (The biggest thing is that I have to sell the house before I quickly run out of money.)

So, I'm having to swallow my pride and ask for help with a project.

In order to get my house ship-shape for selling, I need a new front and back lawn. The sprinklers are in and the ground is prepped. I just need some strong backs (and hopefully at least one experienced brain, 'cause I've never done this) to help me lay 300 rolls of sod.

This will be happening Thursday (July 20th) after 5pm, and Friday (July 21st), starting at 7am. If you're able to give me a hand on either of those days, please shoot me an email and let me know which day.

Thank you.