Sunday, March 30, 2008

Where Do These Come From?

I'm producing art at a breakneck pace now. it's almost as if I am a dam attempting to hold back the flood by releasing controlled overspill.

I conceived of this while brushing my teeth this morning. I call it "Extreme Jeans".

And the obligatory close-up:

This one, on the other hand, describes the combined turmoil of two unrelated land mammals. It's called "Jesse Llama".

And the close-up for detail:

And this was a result of what I can only describe as comedic terror. It's called "Penguin Ballerina At Gunpoint".

Fun with oranges in "Flaming Citrus Fox":

And this is "Dirty Aquarium", containing at least 15 different species of marine life:

Also, you should never start a book in the middle if you want to know what hedge lions are. This is "Hedge Lion Delivery".

And a hint that other hedge creatures exist:

Lastly, this pictures what every moral artist struggles with. It's entitled "Dragon Finds Evil Is Easy".

And the close-up:


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