Thursday, November 17, 2005

Regarding Hair And Commercials

The problem with having a blog, of course, is that the people who begin reading it then expect you to write in it on a fairly regular basis. However, while Sunday is a deadline which never moves, more flexible demands continually cry out to be postponed. But considering that I haven't written anything in about three weeks, I figured I'd throw the faithful readers a bone.

I hope you appreciate this. After all, in a desperate attempt to finish tonight's study in Isaiah, I didn't run at the gym today. And yesterday, test-printing CD covers turned into a five-hour, time-eating session that prevented me from weightlifting. But I'll be back on track again tomorrow (figuratively speaking. Literally speaking, I'll be back on treadmill tomorrow).

Speaking of the gym, I usually make fun of the fact that some ladies put on makeup, jewelry, and do their hair before going to the health club in the morning. I figure, if you're gonna sweat, what's the point? And if you're not going there to sweat, then I again ask, "What's the point?"

Me, I just put some water on my hair and encourage my orange locks to point in any direction but up. Usually, they are willing to accept this compromise. In the rare instance they prove stubborn, my head is sentenced to a few seconds under the faucet. That variation of the Chinese water torture always does the trick.

So, that's really about all I have time to write today. If you're looking for something on the internet to read, check out my new "News of Interest" page, or the Christmas CD that I finally finished. Both can be found on the Calvary Chapel Cheyenne website.

Sorry to sound like a commercial. We certainly get enough of those, and none of us wants any more of them. Please accept my apologies. They are sincere, especially when you consider the fact that I really do have a deep hatred for commercials. Except when they make me buy something. Like when I saw the commercial for Hulk:Ultimate Destruction. That didn't just make me buy the game. It made me buy the XBox to play the game. People like me are why commercials continue to be aired.

On the other hand, there are some commercials that make me angry. For example, the commercial I DESPISE more than any other currently on the air is the guy who brags that his Liqui-Gels "have REAL liquid" in them.

REAL liquid! Gosh, what will they think of next?

Forgive me if I sound a little harsh, but come on...

"Liquid: any substance having a consistency like that of water or oil, i.e., flowing freely but of constant volume." How does this cure my cold or relieve my headache? Or are the product's competitors producing liqui-gels with FAKE liquid in them? "Hey Martha... I just cracked open one of these liqui-gels, and found only gasses and solids... not a drop of liquid!"

Alright, so maybe I had a little extra time to vent. If I've given you a headache, I'm not going to try and sell you on any product. I'll simply recommend a nice nap. And if it messes up your hair, well, I've already covered that too.


At 12:20 PM, Blogger Michael Byrd said...

Pastor Ron,

Ah yes, morning hair... there's truly nothing quite like it... I'll admit that I do practically the same with the few hairs left on this graying head of mine (less for the Lord to count)... I've not encounted the ladies 'all made up' in the wee hours - although I've not paid much attention, mind you, but seeminly they wet and comb their mess just as we do... maybe it's a military thing - since the ladies and myself are all part of the military family and after a while we've learned to disregard such nice-ities.

Anyways... I know that I appreciate your blogs as they show me more of the person behind 'Ron the Pastor'...

God Bless!

Michael Byrd


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